Auto turn on my PC switch?

I'm looking for a momentary timer switch that will close a circuit for about .5 seconds once every day at a certain time----like 7:00 AM. Since it's active 24/7 it would have to be supplied by an AC adapter (I have many). This switch would be connected to two of the power button pins on my PC so I can set it to turn on my Win 10 PC every morning at a certain time. I'm very new to this type of application and don't know if I need an Arduino UNO and a relay along with a clock module or if there's another, simpler device out there. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you might have for this simple project.

P.S. I tried the BIOS Power On setting, but it doesn't work on this Win 10 PC

This (task scheduler) is build-in in Windows.

How come the Power on BIOS setting doesn't work? At that moment Windows isn't even running so that should just work fine.

But yeah, you're granted to build a device like that. Use an opto coupler for the switch to make it easy. You could also just tap into the 5V standby voltage and use that to power an Arduino. And you're going to need a RTC because an Arduino alone isn't good at long time timekeeping.

Another easy option, just plug your PC into a timer and set "Restore on AC/Power Loss" to "Power On". Only down side is that it will turn the PC off even if you didn't shut it down :smiley: But pressing the power button when the machine is on can do unwanted stuff as well.

But for a start, the bios power on timer should just work :wink:

With Task Scheduler you can also make the PC do something after powering up.
Did something like that a while ago on Win7.
Don't (want to) know about W10.

This whole Task Scheduler thing finally made me look why my PC powers on from hibernate at 9 each morning (but not from power down btw). Apparently my backup task, even though it runs every hour because of a repeat, starts at 9:00... Aha! Although I actually don't want that to wake my machine ever, for now switching the start time to 18:00 will do :stuck_out_tongue:

And Win10 is wayyy nicer under the hood. But the front end is still a bit messy and telemetry is just crap. But I can life with the first and can disable the second so I can happily life with that in return for a better engine.

My Task Scheduler works fine at turning the PC off every night at 2300, but it doesn't work from a total power off state, only the Bios Power On does. And that worked fine in Win 7, but many others have had problems making it work in Win 10. The Power On when there's a power interruption works fine. I even updated the BIOS and everything is set to work, but nothing. Maybe certain mother boards are fussy about that? I just need a momentary jump between two pins every 24 hrs and yes, I could use a live USB port to power a 5V device instead of an AC adapter----didn't think of that.

Mm, weird. Never really look into it but it is weird.

But if you already turn the PC off at 23:00, just grab a timer and give it a "power loss" between, let's say, 0:00 and 7:00 and tadaaaa, running PC. Cheap and easy. A real KISS solution.

Hell yes, that would work with one of those little timers you use for a lamp. It's so simple I would have never thought of it. Damn, THANKS!!!

I spoke too soon and here’s the problem and solution to using a simple timer switch:

  1. Power Resume after power interruption (BIOS setting) only works while the PC is actively running and then loses power. It doesn’t start up the machine if it’s already powered down and then an interruption occurs.
  2. Apparently Win 10 doesn’t mind being shut down the wrong way like Win 7 (and before) where it wants to run a CHKDSK after a bad shutdown. Win 10 just starts up normally with no warnings/notifications. Maybe it’s running in the background, but you can’t tell it.
  3. So I deleted the shut down task in the scheduler and set the lamp timer to cut power at 2300 and resume at 0700.
    I’m expecting the Microsoft SWAT team to show up at my door and beat the crap out of me for doing this, but right now it’s only solution to get the PC to auto-start every morning. Now where did I put those trauma dressings and ice packs………….
  1. That is BS :wink: That is where the setting is for! You can choose three thing, Power On, Power Off or Memory/Last state. Apparently you're on Memory right now because that will restore it to the state the PC was in when the power was lost. And if the PC is shut down at that moment that's of course power off.... But flip it to Power on and the PC will always start when it gets power again :wink:

  2. Also BS :wink: Yes, Win 10 doesn't show you it but is still really doesn't like it. I would say turning off the PC without shutdown is still a fast recipe for a corrupted boot disk :wink: