auto water changes

Hello arduino community. I been trying to design a automatic water change system for my little reef tank. The total volume of it is less then 3 gallon. I was looking into using an etape sensor from milonetech and two pump from robotgeek. Now I just wanted to see if any one of you has used this sensor before and how reliable they are and if you see any faults with my plan

Give us a link to the part.


is you question about reef tanks ?

if you have a question about etape the that should be the subject line.

Here is the link for the etape sensor Chemical eTapeĀ® assembly | eTape Liquid Level Sensor
And this is the link for the pump

The sensor seems like it would work although I have never used one and is pricey.
Here is the datasheet.
A simple voltage divider connects it to the Arduino.