autocomplete brackets

Not sure if it's already reported but, here we go.

I'm not sure if the autocomplete brackets is working as indented.

Case A:

If you write

if (a == b) {

then press enter, it will add the end bracket for you

if (a == b) {


but, if you delete the first bracket (by mistake or any reason) and add it again, on enter it will add another end bracket. even if you have code inside brackets

if (a == b) {

} // code }

You'll have two end brackets.

Case 2:

If you add a space after the first bracket it won't add the closing bracket on enter.

Hi @puiucristian, we are using the default behavior of ACE

We can look into customizing it, would you be so kind to list all the behaviours for the brackets you would like to change?


It's not a big problem, but it could be annoying if you delete the open bracket by mistake and add it again, it will add a close bracket too, and if you don't notice it, the code will break;

but if it's the default behaviour, and people don't complain about it, it's ok I guess.