With the addition of C++ using the Arduino IDE, it would be nice to have autocomplete built in like many other IDEs do with Object Oriented languages. What I mean is something like when I type "Serial." I get a list of the methods, after I chose a method, I get a list of paramters to fill. I am thinking along the lines of how Visual Basic 6.0 does it. Visual basic even provides a little description of what a paremeter or method does. It would be especially helpful to beginners I think since they don't always know what methods can be called and how. When I look at libraries and see the keywords.txt files, it almost seems like this was their intended purpose.

Having to open header files all the time to look up methods is the way it has been done, but not the way it needs to be.

This would be a ton of data entry up front, I'm sure but useful in the long run.

If there is already an editor that does this, I'd love to know. I have just started playing with code::blocks, so perhaps it can do this.

Have you considered the Arduino eclipe plugin? This setup offers autocomplete, search, refactoring .... It is documented at Best regards Jantje

Yes. I actually just stumbled on it. But, I can't seem to get the plugin to install. It tells me that the repository listed on the website is not a valid repository.

Retroplayer Have you used these instructions? If so can you tell me at witch step it fails and post a screenshot? Best regards Jantje

Actually it is working fine now. I think it was just our firewall at work.

have fun Best regards jantje

Autocomplete is not implemented in ArduinoDroid: