automata clock powered by arduino?

Hi arduinians, I just had an idea as I was sketching a puppet design. Would the arduino be able to power an automated servo/stepper motor based on a timer within the code?

Basically creating an invisible "clock", then, on pre determined inervals, a physical model is moved via the servos or stepper motors??

I dont want to show the time, I just am thinking of having the figure move at set intervals of time (eg: every hour)

Kind of taking the idea of the old mechanical clocks and making them less "clockwork driven"

Thanks in advance

Nice idea, would be very well possible. check the time library to keep time - - be sure to add an RTC (Real TIme Clock) as this makes the device's time robust over reboots.

Thanks... One other thing I forgot to mention... Would it be posible to run such a thing using the uploaded code on the arduino only...making it untethered to a computer?

Yeah sure, it just need sensors and actuators some code and a bit of power.

Be aware that when you have multiple or heavy motors to run, the current may become too large for the Arduino to handle directly. Additional electronics relays mught be needed.

Yes, just provide a 9v battery between gnd and vin pins on arduino or 9V dc voltage on the power jack. You will have to power the servo from a wall adapter as the 9V battery is very weak.

great! now to nut it all out... Arduino...CHECK Motor Sheild...Still to get Code...That will be fun Im sure...!! Physical puppet and mechanics...Thats the easy bit!

Thanks...Im sure gonna need some help gettin this concept happening...although it may be some time in the making.