Automate 2 RF events


I have searched but can not quite find what I am looking for and seek some help.

I want to automate 2 events.

  1. Opening a 'common gate'. This is currently performed by button 1 on programable RF key fob.
  2. Opening 'my garage door'. This is currently performed by button 2 on a programable RF key fob.

I have access to both the receivers to allow a module to be programmed/coded legitimately.

I'm looking for a setup to have a bluetooth event from an iPhone trigger the ARDUINO to send the appropriate RF signal to open.

The BT modules are easy enough to find but I am having difficulty working out how to do the RF part.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can spare some insight.

Another thread with the same topic at might be helpful.

The most reliable means may be to buy a second key-fob (that you know works) and wire the pushbuttons up to some digital outputs from the Arduino.