Automate data feed to Arduino to turn on lights

I am very new, and I want to know if my project is even feasible.

I would like to drive three lights to turn on independently based on a string of data in a file on my PC. I need a file (txt, other???)on my PC to contain the string "100" and use that string to turn on light 1, but leave light 2 & 3 off. Then I would like to use a push button at light 1 to confirm that it came on. Once this confirmation takes place, then I want to read the next sting of data in the pc file that might read "101". This time I will push button 1 and button 3 independently, and in random order, to confirm, and then continue.

Maybe I will add error feedback if I push a button when that light is turned off. I don't know.

Do I need an ethernet shield to do this type of communication?

tsgrau08: Do I need an ethernet shield to do this type of communication?

No. XBee can do that.

That all sounds straight forward. I guess you will be using the USB interface to program the Arduino. Can you leave the Arduino connected to the USB? If so, you can just used Gobetwino (on Windows) or write your own equivalent (on any other OS) to supply the content of the text file. Or write your file to a memory card and add a shield to allow that to be physically plugged into the Arduino.