Automated coffee table project

Hello Everyone, I need some help sizing the proper motor for a coffee table project I am doing. I have a coffee table that has a table top that can be pulled up to eat. Some times it can get pretty heavy for me or even my girl friend to lift it. I have weighed the table with laptops and some other things on it and it weighs about 30 lbs. What i would like to accomplish is have a potentiometer (which i have) to adjust the height of the table, i would also like to have a button that will raise the table all the way to the top and all the way back down. I am assuming that a stepper motor is ideal for this type of project but some guidance would be great thanks!

The mechanics are going to be the tricky bit - although its likely you'd need 3 or 4 points of lift, which seems simplest to do with lead-screws and either synchronized steppers or one motor driving a toothed belt to deliver power to each leadscrew.

M10 or M12 studding makes reasonable leadscrews, but you won't get very fast action (especially with steppers). I suspect a DC gear motor with output of 500rpm or so might be about right to drive such leadscrews.

As well as leadscrews you'd need some sort of sliding supports to align the table top. With leadscrews you are limited to lifting to rather less than twice the collapsed height.

There are other mechanical linkages that could be used - some sketch of the table would be useful.