Automated Entertainment Center Cooler

Having a background in mechanical engineering, I thought I’d dabble in electronics a bit. The Arduino looks like a fantastic portal into the realm of electronics, and I started a blog that would track my progress.

The first project that I’m going to attempt is a simple automated entertainment center cooler. The device will monitor the temperature inside the cabinet, and when it reaches a set limit, it’ll kick on a fan. Hopefully down the line I’ll add more features such as an LCD display, adjustable trip temperature, logging capabilities, remote monitoring, etc.

Let me know what you guys think and what to look out for.

The link to my blog is

Depending on how accurate you want the temperature settings, you may want to avoid the Arduino’s built in ADC (although for your use, you can increase the accuracy by reading the result multiple times and averaging). Typically, if you want high-precision temperature measurements (which is probably beyond what you need or want), you use an external ADC, typically I2C-based…


Thanks for the fast response!

I can recommend one of the one-wire temperature sensors. Very easy to use and not depending on supply voltage/AD conversion accuracy.

A bit more expensive at around ?5,- than a thermo-couple. Also a ~5K pull up resistor is probably needed. (instead of arduino internal pull up resistor)


I can recommend one of the one-wire temperature sensors.

Do you have a part number that you recommend?

ds18s20 from maxim-ic.

There are a couple of variations. Jeroen

Great idea! The cabenet my receiver & HTPC are in get extreamly warm. I’ve thought about adding an exhaust fan but making it Arduino controlled would make it more efficent.

I’ve used both the DS18s20 and LM335 in other projects. There are some great examples floating around on how to use both.