Automated farming in education

Me and some friends would like to choose and/or build a technology to manage automatically a small agricultural field (8x20m). It’s also an educational project since we want to involve young boys of rural areas and let them learn how to program, use Arduino etc. and eventually be more autonomous in life.

We’re considering something similar to but maybe there could be simpler things to be built at home and at a much smaller cost?

Any suggestion, even to some specific forum, would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Should the title be "Education about automated farming"

There is not much room for anything other than a spade or a goat in 8x20m :)


Girls like farming and Arduinos too.

Probably the most simple form of automation in agriculture is for irrigation. On the most basic level this would just be a timer and a solenoid valve but can be made much more complex and efficient by adding soil moisture sensors and even weather prediction. You could look at vinduino for some ideas.