Automated Fish Tracking Submersible

A team I am working with has begun designing an automated submersible that can follow a designated GPS course using the Arduino. We are documenting this for YouTube and have a $2,000 grant. We will be updating this post with questions for anyone that is interested.

Questions: What type of motors would be best for a submarine?

Waterproof ones.

Seriously, we would need to know how big the sub is, how many motors, how you plan to mount the motors and how fast you want to go before even starting on that question.

The real design method might be to find some motors that look big enough for what you want and design the sub around them.

I hope you are planning to have a trailing antenna that stays on the surface - the frequencies GPS use only penetrate the water a VERY short distance (you did say it was submersible)

How are you planning to provide power for this submersible?

Try a raspberry pi arduino mix it will give you the power you need also you will need a 5v 3A dc dc converter to power the pi to. BUT we needs mores informations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!