Automated Gardening System

Hi! I am working on an Automated Gardening System for a science fair project. I purchased my supplies and an Arduino Uno. I am currently working on the moisture sensors and was wondering how I could get the code for the sensors. I am not to familiar with programming so I was wondering if someone could direct me to a site that could help me with the basics of Python and javaScript. I plan on using a web scraper to have the forecast which would be factor into determining if the Arduino should water or not. Do you have any recommendations on how to do this. Thanks, Animesh

LM1380 water level detector, used in reverse: instead of detecting water, it detects absence of water.It uses an ac oscillator that only work submerged in water. For your application it should always be in alarm state (water detected). When the alarm goes off, it's time to water.

PS-While your ordering supplies, don't forget to order a year's supply of chips and redbull .

Thanks. What would the code be for this and the idea for the moisture sensors that I have is you would send a current through two nails and the resistivity will change depending on the water in the soil. Is this a good idea? Also does anybody have any ideas about the web scraper?


What would the code be for this ?

For the LM1380 ? Just connect a pullup resistor (10k or whatever) to the open collector output of the chip and when the output turns OFF because it no longer senses water (the transistor turns off), then the digital input to the arduino will change from a LOW to a HIGH because the transistor is no longer pulling it to ground. A simple digitalRead(Water_Sensor) is all you need.