automated greenhouse board purchase advise

i'm trying to automate my greenhouse. i had a board previously but i must have done something wrong cause it wont register on my network so i have decided to look into something a bit better. hopefully arduino is that better component. i'm trying to have 4 outputs on timers, 1 outputs for a solenoid for my resevoir, 2 outputs for some pumps. i'm using a two dht11 for the room temp/hum, two arduino sensors for water lvl, also a float switch for the resevoir. after initial setup i would like to be able to adjust from the web.

I need something big enough to allow me to add 2 ph sensors and 4 small solenoids for said ph adjustment also possible camera's

my question is what board would best allow me to do this? also any code that would help me would be much appreciated.

thanks for your time,

Any info would be appreciated

"i'm trying to have 4 outputs on timers" What do you mean with that?

By doing a quick look I'd say you need a Bobduino or Arduino Mega, and ethernet shield to connect to server.

Just turning a few outputs on and off with some type of clock. Either internal or some kind of module.

Then use an external RTC for arduino (very cheap look for DS1307) and synchronize the outputs.