Automated Guided Vehicle 5Kg

Good afternoon mates,

I have an on going project for my costumer. An automated Cart using line tracking sensor and ultrasonic sensor and a micro switch for anti collision. But that's not the problem my problem is the load. The load must be 5 kg.

I have an idea already but I need to have some suggestion from you guys. my idea is the robot will be position at the bottom of the cart and when it pass thru RF it will lock itself to the cart.

The mode of transport is my main concern since it is a heavy load and I got no idea on how to lock the robot to the cart.

my question is:

  1. Can Arduino Mega do the work?
  2. What kind of motor should I use?
  3. Battery, since the AGV must run in a long period of time (4hrs) what kind of battery should I use?
  4. what is the most efficient way to transport the cart? ei. tow, lift, push

any suggestion from you guys are very much welcome. thank you in advance

I don’t understand your reference to passing through RF and locking to card. Please explain what you want to happen here and why.

The battery depends on current draw for how long, we need more detail.

We also need more information on the load. What is it? What size?