Automated Home Brewery

I have always wanted to automate my homebrewing, and as luck would have it I ran across the Arduino UNO. Love it! I am a programmer so the software isn't an issue, its learning the hardware side of things that is my challenge. So I am hoping to get some recommendations on how to approach my ambitious project.

Requirements for the project:

  • Have SD stored config files with specific brew variables [temps & times]
  • Log all data for the brew with dates and time
  • Display for data [temps & timers] - graphic touch screen LCD
  • Choose brew config and push start to run through 90% of the process automatically

Some decisions I have already made, but if there are better options can be changed:

  • DS18B20 for temp sensing [my temp ranges ~35F-220F]
  • 2.8 TFT Touch Shield from adafruit [seemed like an easy solution for in/out and SD card, bad for io pins]
  • Arduino UNO
  • Need to control SSRs to operate 120v pumps [55+gal of beer need to be moved around]
  • Using propane, so actuated values with pilot lights


  • 2 water level sensors [more for safety if my math is off]
  • 5 temp sensors
  • 2 flow meters
  • 1 inline PH sensor
  • X for the touch screen
  • X for SD card


  • 1 speaker
  • 2 burner values
  • 1 stir motor
  • 3 pumps
  • 2 actuated valves for gas
  • X actuated values for liquid
  • X for LCD
  • X for SD card

None of this stuff needs super precise timing, I was thinking about poling temps once a min or so. Not totally sure about the flow meters or limiting flow with actuated values.

I think 16mhz will be plenty of processing power, just need a way to manage lots more in and outs. So many options with mux/demux, i2c, SPI, not really sure what the best way to go. Do I run the display off a second 328 or write a custom library to handle byte arrays etc. So any recommendations would be appreciated.

Input X for the touch screen X for SD card

Outputs X for LCD X for SD card

Two pins for the lot if you use a 4D Systems LCD.

16mhz will be plenty of processing power,

Heaps, but code space may become an issue as it sounds like there will be a lot to do.

Maybe use a Mega, heaps more IO, RAM and flash.


Wow, the that LCD is awesome. The display is bigger and it has a 8 ohm speaker on it. Then the mega board would work out better. Thanks man!

That's right, I forgot about the speaker. Even better then.


Hi Marc-in Do you finsh your project for you home brew Thanks for your answer

not yet, still designing and acquiring the more expensive components like actuated valves and flow control sensors. I have also thought about going with the mega ADK board and using my 10" android tablet for the client interaction software.

Hey Marv-in. I am also starting my build of an automated home -brewery. Mine is going to be progressive though so 90% automation/control is a bit away. I have just purchased a Mega2560, 3.2" TFT w/ touchscreen and SD card. Currently I am not planning to use the touchscreen due to my hands being wet most of the time when brewing :fearful: I will use a PS2 type joystick for control. First up I am looking at temp monitoring then control. The moving on to flow monitoring and control (still researching PWM single phase pumps or if it is possible to build a single phase VFD!) I also have to finish my current setup (electric with SESTOS PID control) so I can sell it to fund the new one!

Until I read your post about the ADK thought that using a tablet would be crap as I though you would have to access it via a webpage but now I wish I had done a bit more research, oh well the 3.2" of screen should be alright. Keep us up to date on you progress!