Automated Houseplant Watering

I have aspirations for a mostly autonomous greenhouse but I can't code to save my life. I figured i would start with a handful of houseplants. Or even one.

Some people have a green thumb. I however have the black plague of death thumb.

A few years ago i spent well over $1,000 trying to grow tomatoes and peppers indoors. The cop shop was the second floor of the courthouse a block away. Direct line of site. Figured they would accuse me of growing weed so i just stapled a shower curtain over the windows. I was working 90+ hours a week almost 2 hours away at the time. I figured i would basically just flip night and day with lighting so the lights would be on when i could be home to care for them.

About a month after i tried and failed repeatedly i got a phonecall. It was the undersheriff. Small town. He's a bro. He basically told me everyone was joking and making bets and i was basically the joke of the entire cop shop and most of their entertainment that month. But some higher ups were comming so i had to shut her down.

Turns out that shower curtain while not see through, glowed like the freaking sun 10 hours a day all night long. And if light got out, then sunlight got in.... It lit up my entire back yard and they could see my sillohete watering every day.

Not sure wtf triggered me to blogpost but hopefully yall get a laugh in return for any help.

So the cops told you to shut down this "tomato & pepper" growing operation? Ok, we believe you :wink:

What is it you want help with now? There are tons of example Arduino projects along these lines, in this forum and all over the net.

get a pot, some dirt and put your tomato next to the window.

grow it on the roof

or find a co-op garden where you can have a space to grow your own vegetables and someone keeps an eye on the place.