Automated Projector screen and Speakers - Arduino

Hi All

I am looking at making making an automated home theater setup in my main room. An electronic / automated roll-up projector screen, much like an electronic roll up blind. This will be powered by Arduina to make to motor rotate the correct number or times to fully extend / rollup the screen.
i am not sure the power / size / nm torque required to rotate the 160cm long tube.

Next will be tall-boy home theater speakers. The idea is to have the speakers (font left & right) go from a idle state of lying horizontal to being pivotted vertical ( 90 degree movement). Powered the same as the screen.

Please can you recommend the 3 motors (1x-screen ; 2x- speakers) needed for this project, along with a recommended method of moving the speakers 90 degrees up.


You can't choose a motor without knowing the torque and maximum speed required. The torque can be measured or calculated. Then if the speed is slow a small motor with a high ratio gear train can be used to get the torque or if the speed is fast you will need a larger motor (more torque).

So without more information, there is no way to specify a motor other than WAG (Wild Ass Guess).

recommended method of moving the speakers 90 degrees up.

What is the motion? Rise up and rotate about the center of the speaker, rotate about 1 corner? Here a drawing might help.

Links to info on the projector screen and speakers would be useful, then we can see what dimensions and
masses are involved directly...

Hi all

Thanks for your feedback. I know it's hard ( if not impossible) to provide answers with this info. In the next day or 2 I will create a diagram showing everything needed to assist