Automated Water Value Solenoid


Can we use the xl6009 dc-dc step up module to take the 5 volt output from an arduino to provide 9V power to a solenoid ? The idea would be have the arduino control the solenoid by controlling the power to the solenoid. Is this feasible ?



You'll need a 9V power supply/source and a [u]driver[/u].

What's the current rating (Amps or mA) on the solenoid?

An Arduino I/O pin can only supply 40mA maximum and the on-board regulator can only supply a few hundred mA.

Your DC-DC might work (along with a driver) if your 5V power supply can supply the required current.

If you use a step-up DC-DC converter, you are stepping-up the voltage and stepping-down the current. For example, if the valve requires 1 Amp at 9V, and the DC-DC converter is 100% efficient (which it isn't) you'd need (9/5) x 1A =1.8 Amps from the 5V supply. (2A is a more realistic estimate, accounting for some inefficiency.)

Thanks for the responses. Decided to use a TIP122 to help control the supply to the solenoid and it’s working fine.