Automated Watering System Project (newbie)


Ok after playing with my Arduino I have decided on my first project. I plan on creating an automated watering system for some pot plants. I want to sense the moisture of the soil in one of the pots and then based on the results of this turn a 12v pump on or off.

From having a searched around the net, the turning of the pump on or off should be easy, however i can't find any real reference to what sensor to use for the soil moisture?

Does any one has any ideas in regards to the sensor? or even the project as a whole, i'm trying to keep this as easy as possible as i'm quite new to this.

Thanks, Paul

Did you try to Google "humidity sensor"

I think that will give you what you need.

I don't know anything about measuring soil moisture or humidity so unfortunately i can't recomend a specific sensor for your project.

such an item is usually called a ‘growduino’.