Automated Window Washer

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This is my first post on these forums and I am currently seeking help on a school project of mine. I want to make a small device that can be stuck to a window and with the push of a button it starts a cycle where a dc motor moves a squeegee on a pulley system vertically up and down while simultaneously engaging a small pump to spray windex. I currently have these parts for the project:

From what I see right now I have to somehow wire both a motor and the pump to activate with a switch, make the pump turn on and off, and the motor turn both directions at different speeds. I already have some code attached that was from a dc motor tutorial with Arduino; not sure if this can be used at all with my project. As of right now I have a PVC base built with the pulley but need to figure out the wiring and tubing.

I still haven’t determined a motor too but but ideally I want a high torque, low speed kind of deal. No more than 50 rpm. This is now where I ask for help, how to I wire and code what I have to make my idea work? Also what sort of motor do you all recommend? I am sorry if I didn’t explain well and I am here for any clarification.

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L298.pdf (190 KB)

Circuit_10.ino (6.31 KB)

What school is this that sends You out into this quick sand that You are not prepared for?

Haha I'm currently going for a Bachelors in Mechanical engineering and this is one of the classes I have to take, designing and marketing a product.

Okey. Just write some drawings and warm up the talking. That's the way my former boss started.

so, I a school that teaches you how to solve problems then,

there are a are few gear motors on aliexpress, and most have many options of RPM.
the H-Bridge link is pretty good for a DC motor that needs to reverse, but motor drivers are selected after you select the motor. you need to make sure that it has enough power.

also, as a rule of thumb, expect all motors from china to be half as powerful as advertised
and all drivers to be half as powerful as their rating.
I like the right angle gear motors that are less than $10.

I am here for any clarification.

A simple diagram of the machine you want to create would be a big help.

Before choosing a motor you need a good estimate of the torque required. Can you set up the squeegee system and measure the force needed to move it?

What about buying a used rear-window wiper at a car breakers?


wiring is simple. think of a battery, a motor, and a switch.

for most electronics, the positive goes to the device,
the ground of the device goes to the driver/relay/switch

the Arduino, would control the driver/relay.

look up a few examples of the L298 driver with motor to see how to get started

google 'arduino' too

l298 motor arduino

or arduino motor l298

Here is a rough sketch for reference, Also my friend of mine offered me a servo motor he ordered incorrectly, here is the amazon page:

I don’t know if either of these will help further but thank you all for the replies and help.

Automated Window Washer sketch.pdf (251 KB)

designing and marketing a product.

Since when has actually building the project before millions of dollars in funding have been raised become in fashion?

Haha I'm currently going for a Bachelors in Mechanical engineering and this is one of the classes I have to take, designing and marketing a product.

Do a quick study of Elizabeth Holmes and you will see how to do the marketing part. I'd skip the window washing and combine the Amazon Alexa and an inflatable doll. I've heard that if you whisper to Alexa, she will whisper back!

Have you googled

automated window cleaner

For ideas....

Tom... :slight_smile:

Here is a rough sketch for reference,

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