Automatic audio message system triggered by light

Hello all

KIT under study : KIT ARDUINO FZ0486

First of all : I am a beginner with Arduino.

I am planning to use this kit for the following application in a room of my house, that is already fitted with an entry detector that provides an IN or OUT electro-mechanical contact. I would like to record a 1 minute tune and have it played up to its end everytime someone is entering the room.

The difficult part is that I want the record returning automatically to its start point when it has been played, like in museums where a recorded description of Mona Lisa is played every time a visitor is passing by. A sort of self-rewind if I may say. I can't see in the Arduino tech notice how this can be set. Does it takes an external PC to enter instructions ? How ? "

Thank you

Philippe radio @ 75

You need a wave shield to do this. The one from AdaFruit is a good one. Simply trigger the playing of the sample when you see the contact closure and it will play till the end.