Automatic bird feeder with battery

Hi all,

I am considering to create an simple automatic bird feeder with a servo motor and a plastic bottle, like this project, but without remote controller.

The thing is that I would like to power it not with electric current but with battery, this because I do not want to risk that something will happen with the electricity during vacation and I will burn my apartment :smiley:

So I am considering to create something like this: basically for 2 reasons. First it useless to keep occupied an entire Arduino for just opening a servo motor once, twice per day maximum. Second because it seems that powering Arduino with batteries is not possible, if not for short time.

Now the point is: before proceeding with all this "mess" I would like to understand if it is feasible, but I cannot find anywhere how much is a servo current drain (even without any sort of load). So I cannot understand if, using the servo with batteries will last enough time. And if yes, more or less how much?

What do you think?

Comments and advice are welcome.


For this sort of simple one shot timed event you need a RTC and a barebones 328p which uses deep sleep for battery usage. For a simple twice a day I would expect 30 days easily from a AA pack.

RTC wakes 328p then servo dumps food then back to sleep till next event.

Search for 'sleep' there are numerous examples.

Hi tasmod. Thank you for your answer. Yes,this was just I wanted to do, not use the entire Arduino, but just the chip, that I will remove from Arduino after the programming. For sleep mode, I wanted to use this library GitHub - jeelabs/jeelib: JeeLib for Arduino IDE: Ports, RF12, and RF69 drivers from JeeLabs suggeted in the link I provided above, but also the RTC can be a great idea.