Automatic cat litter

Hi, is my first time here and i´m learning arduino slowly...
i want to make a automatic cat litter and i would like to know if my idea is available or not.
i know in the market is alot of them but right now i can´t aford it.
the components i have is:
stepper motor (with controller), infrared distance sensor, pcb and normal switch.
i want to adapt in a normal cat litter of amazon( semi automatic) a motor, when the cat goes inside the sensor should wait 180 sec to start cleaning, if the cat comes to investigate what is going on, stop and then after 120 sec keep cleaning again
the switch is to clean manually.
i was searching in internet the codes and everything but is really hard to find something.
would be really helpfull if someone with experience could help to do this project.
thanks so much

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To make a new litter, you’ll definitely need to use MALE and FEMALE connectors.

sorry, i also have this.

You need to work out the mechanics and get that working first .
A stepper motor may not be the best choice for the task as they are usually fairly low power - moving a tray of litter plus a big jobbie may require significant power . Look at DC motors , gearboxes and limit switches .
( keep the project well away from any fan , or there could be real problems :rofl: )

Meanwhile look at examples for the sensor and for ( stepper )motors to start writing your own code .

It maybe easier to train it to use the toilet

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