Automatic door help

Can someone told me what is the best motor to move a door with 17kg

i want to make an automatic door for a project in the High school but when i search i didn't find anything help me;
The door that i want to moe has 17 kg

Let's start with the obvious question, ie what are you planning to use to move the door ?

As to programming, what experience do you have ?

Move vertically? Horizontally? Rotate on hinges? Some other sort of move? Move how far? How fast?


@slipstick beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Does the door move horizontally or vertically? Does it slide or move on rollers? Does it swing on hinges? If so, are the hinges on the side, top, or bottom? What are the dimensions of the door (for wind load estimation)?

And what will happen when the 17kg door closes on someone's fingers?


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Is the door weight 17kg, or is that the force required to move it ?