Automatic Faucet

I want to make an Automatic Faucet using a IR sensor and a solenoid valve of 6v DC. How should I start ? Somebody told me that a Novice like me can develop using Arduino Uno.

I have seen a microcontroller on a pcb fulfilling this action on 6v battery.

I am new to electronics. Using youtube for learning.

Can you read the IR sensor?

Can you control the solenoid?

If you have answer both of these questions, then yes, you can make your automatic faucet.
For all other answers, please refer to more Youtube videos and a HOW TO Arduino book.

Frankly , I cant do both as of now.. Though I can work hard to learn the same. I have installed arduino uno and test it with PC. Thats it.

Thanks for your advice and time..

Well now you need to start where everyone else did, with the basics.
Go to File -> Examples and start from the very top and work your way down.

if you can light an led, you are one step away from controlling a solenoid.

is you can read a swith, you are one step fron reading the sensor.