automatic guided vehicle

Hello friends,
My name is KK I am from India Pune. I am working on the automatic guided vehicle using Arduino Mega controller pls suggest mi for Motor controller Ic Motor specification is below,

  1. Ac synchronous motor Watt: -2000W
    Current:- 50A
    Voltage :- 24v AC
  2. Input Voltage through Battery
    voltage:- 24v DC
    Current :- 100A
  3. Prize should be as low as possible.


  1. Ac synchronous motor Watt: -2000W

Why using such a motor?
DC motors are much easier to control, and save you an inverter. All commercial electrical vehicles use brushless DC motors: compact, powerful and easy to control with an Arduino - basically all you need is six beefy MOSFETs or IGBTs and probably some additional driver components, not sure if an Arduino can drive such MOSFETs directly.