Automatic Lid For Garbage Chute & How To Create Menu on 7" LCD Touchscreen

Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little project inspiration.

I am in the midst of building a custom BBQ cart for my kamado smoker to take to competitions. I'm looking for ideas on how I can modify the 'prep' area of the cart to allow me to automatically open a hatch on so I can easily dispose of garbage. It needs to be able to seal back otherwise we have issues with flies and what not.

Here are a few issues:
A) The prep area is going to be a 1/2" OSB board (it's what I had laying around) covered with ceramic tile. So the hatch will probably be ~5 lbs, and I'm guessing it's 12-15" square. So I don't think the average servo could handle it lol.
B) When it comes to BBQ, there are times when we could use a 3rd hand, how would you automate opening and closing the trash chute? Keep in mind, gloved hands will likely be covered in delicious, delicious BBQ, so it can't be anything you have to touch. Any easy ideas since I would still classify myself as somewhat of an arduino noob? Would voice recognition be possible on a Due board without having a computer analyze the data if you only had like 5-10 voice commands?
C) I'm using the UTFT & uTouch library with a 7" LCD screen to control everything. So far, I'm happy to say I've been able to run the demos without a problem. What are the best tutorials for using a touchscreen to do thinks like control lights, monitor sensors, etc? Also, I would love it if I could upload my BBQ team logo to it. I have a 1GB SD flash card I can use, and the screen has a slot for the SD card, I just have no idea how to tell it to display images? Should I just transfer the images to the SD card directly from the computer first?

TIA :slight_smile: