Automatic Pill Dispenser code convert … ser-07a43f

I will pay $50.00 to have the project convert to raspberry pi or raspberry pi image by PayPal.
To have local database.
I have web interface up run but it will not letting me submit pill.

all code needs to run raspberry pi.

Sorry but this ain't a simple conversion project,

If we are to use a Rpi for this then obviously it should replace Arduino as well as the microchip iot board.

That is easily over $500 for an experienced person.

I'd say it's over $500 for an inexperienced person who has no idea what they're getting into. For an experienced person, add another zero to that number.

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I was thanking about start with web interface and backend to be converted first.

OK, I'll bite. What's wrong with the project as it is that requires a conversion to the pi?

I would have to pay amazon for hosting.
I would have to buy [Arduino Mega 2560, NX8048T070 - Generic 7.0" HMI TFT LCD Touch Display and Microchip Technology AVR-IoT WA Development Board.

I see.
Well, I believe that the hardware costs will be dwarfed by the cost of a competent software developer, but who knows? You might get lucky.

I have the database work database use Retool | REST API Generator for now
How do I competent the database to use json or MySQL locally?

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