Automatic Pill Dispenser

I'm look for 3D printed and arduino files for Automatic Pill Dispenser that can Dispenser up 10 or 20 different pills at a time. I have a 3D printer.
Your would help be appreciated.

Do you have a budget to do this job?

A stepping motor turning a disc (with a hole for the pill) could be used.

A photo sensor would be used to count the number of pills deposited.

The disc stops moving when the count reaches what’s needed.

I have budget of 50.00 to do it all.

like this one Smart Desktop Medicine Organizer | or SmartPill Dispenser by makersupv - Thingiverse. butt can not print them. they need to be split up in to individual file. I lack the skills to split the stl file into Printable files.

In what currency? This is an international forum.