Automatic relay for reading IDE (HDD 40pin) active pin 39

Hi. I would like to create a relay-reset system for a project. I have a device for arcade system (SEGA Naomi compact flash system), based on IDE standard HDD 40pin with compact flash cards, which works this way:

  • When the device works correctly, the IDE pin 39 sends GND signal (in this case is the compact flash), and after that it sends micro-gnd signals every second.
  • When the device works bad, the IDE pin 39 sends GND signal, and after that nothing more in the next seconds.

Traduction: there is a yellow led that blinks depending on the GND signal through IDE pin 39. The yellow led blinks one time and after that, depending on success or not, will micro-blink or not in the next seconds.

When the bad working occurs, I put down the 5V of the device manually and after a second I power it up again. The system where I'm using it tries again to catch the device in the next 8-10 seconds, so I would need a loop for reading which situation is.

I would want a way to make this with arduino. The working would be very simple:

  • Wait for GND signal through ide pin 39
  • When I catch that signal, in the next 2 seconds I want to know if there are more activation signals
  • If there are, disable the relay system because it's a success
  • If there aren't, cut automatically the 5V supply of the device, wait 1 second and power it up again
  • Repeat the cycle

What would I need and how I could make it with arduino? I'm very green in this thread.

For ALL the readers, the initials "IDE" refer to the Arduino "Integrated Development Environment". That does not seem to be what you are referring to. so, please use some other initials for whatever you are working with.

Sorry, with IDE I mean IDE conection for hard drives. Compact flash cards have the same standard

This may help….
IDE (PATA) drive interface

Thanks for the help, but this not answers my question. I know how it works, it's only I don't know how to control the signal for the purpose I want.

Do you know what voltage is on that line when it isn't pulled low?

EDIT: my mistake. This is the information I have.

"the pin is pulled high while the drive is not active (this means that it has a +5v voltage). The pin is pulled low (grounded) when the drive has activity."

Since it is the 'activity' signal, I think that means your drive is getting a command every second and that produces the short blink on the 'activity' light. There is also a "Reset" pin (pin 1) you might be able to use in place of cycling power to recover.

The help wasn’t for you..!
It was to assist others in understanding your request.


Sorry, I didn't meant to

I didn't think about pin 1. I'll see if it can be used. Many Many thanks.

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