Automatic rendering of URLs as clickable links

A "new" feature appears to have been added. That is the automatic recognition of URLs which appear in the text of a post. Or is that just my browser ?

Let's see what happens


Yep. Seems to work - though I prefer if people use the LINK icon and give a descriptive name for the item the link points to.

Not for the first time I wonder why the Arduino folk implement these changes without announcing them and taking credit for making the change.


Don't get me wrong. It is a great feature. I've checked the and the tag is in the HTML, so it is not a simple browser interpretation. On my iPad, the editing features are not there by *default, so adding a clickable link is a misery involving multiple key strokes.

*yes, you can request the desktop site presentation in the Safari browser to get around it, but other things fail.

Yes. I agree that, ideally, updating the site should follow proper procedures, planning, testing, announcement, implementation etc. etc. It looks, though, that we have been lucky and this one appears to work. :slight_smile: