Automatic Room detection using IR sensor

Hi, I’ve recently designed a circuit that uses IR sensors to detect when someone enters a room, and turns an led on when the room is occupied, it also detects people leaving, it displays the total number of people in the room on an LCD. I want to design another room, and display the total number of people in each room etc… however before I do this I wanted to display my output values on the LCD via Bluetooth, I am not sure how to do this, I have two Arduinos, so I can have a transmitter and a receiver and the HC05 BT module, but just not sure how to edit my code to allow this

Why not start by defining the problem competency with specifications. What is the expected outcome. Purchase the Arduino cookbook and read it, this will give you some basics. also use the online tutorials and videos available, there are many good ones on this web site. At this point you will be able to define the problem and may have already solved it.

There are plenty of tutorials on bluetooth communications with Arduino. Search and you shall find.

arduino bluetooth how to

My tip for easier debugging would be: first don't bother with printing the result to an LCD display via bluetooth. Get the arduino to transfer the data to your smartphone or something... once you get that step the game up with the LCD Display. If you want, I think there are even LCD displays that have a bluetooth module integrated and can be connected to your arduinos bluetooth without need for further hardware.

Might be easier and cheaper though going the longer way with additional hardware...

Thanks for your advice, I now have the outputs for two different rooms showing on the lcd, as well as the total in the building, however the issue I am having is that the lcd will only display the last ‘impacted’ value, for example if r1 was entered the only value I will see is r1=x, instead of seeing the value of r2 and the total value.
I am unable to upload the code I am using as it’s for a project, and obviously it’s difficult for anyone to see a problem by guessing, but just wondering if anyone has had this sort of problem themselves, and how they solved it?