Automatic saw stop using Arduino

Hi all

I am in the process of building an automatic saw stop based on the design by David Burrell with

I have been able to modify David’s sketch to work with my saw stop, but I need to make more changes that I can’t figure out.

The current sketch inputs the measurement in the following format 00.000 I am needing 000.000

Now when the stop is returned to home, the current location is set to 00.000 I am needing it to change to 011.750 inches

Can someone help me make these changes?

I will attach the sketch below.



Arduino_Servo_Cut-to-Length_Saw_v0_2modified99.999-1-18.ino (18.4 KB)

I suspect you won't find too many who are enthusiastic enough to take the trouble to study over 18k of code. I am certainly much too lazy.

If you can identify the specific part of the code that is causing you a problem it should make it easier to get help.