Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit interfaced to Pi

Has anyone been able to get a Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit to communicate with a Pi?
In the instructions there is a serial interface. I have not found any pin outs info anywhere including the elecrow website. The board also has some pins labeled "ICPS interface". Any info on this or a link to were I can find them would be greatly appreciated!

ICPS is the International Carniverous Plant Society.

I think you mean ICSP = In Circuit Serial Programming

Do you mean this one?

It's got USB, I2C, and RX/TX serial. The ICSP probably won't help much. You should be able to program it like a Leonardo board. The blurb suggests that the source code is included.

the program hosted on the elecrow site is very simple and straightforward.


at the very bottom of the page is the link to the sketch.

if you want to ‘talk’ to something else. you have a world of options.

since the chis i listed as 32u4, and is using Arduino code, you can use an UNO or NANO to play with.
as ChrisTenone said, “It’s got USB, I2C, and RX/TX serial.”

pic the one you want to use to talk to the RPi.
then look up for some how-to tutorials

as another option, there are a lot of ESP8266 how-to’s that show you how to use that for WiFi.
but, you will still have to wire to a second device, so that seems to be redundant.

Well I feel silly now! It did not occur to me that the USB port could be used for communications as well as programming the Arduino.

Thanks for the links!

JohnLincoln Thanks for the link! I enjoyed reading about the carnivorous plants!