Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit

hello everbody,

I just bought the Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit (Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit 2.1)

now i have few questions

  1. what do the screw terminals on the Crowtail Smart Pump Shield connect to? or what can i connect to it? Do they connect to the relays? relais? can i use it to connect another DC12V Four-Way Valve by connecting the wires? can i them control them separately then?

  2. Next to the 6 white cable outlets for sensors, how and how many sensors can i still add thru the analog and/or digital black cable outlets?
    b. I allready have these sensors
    -Soil moisture (Bodemvochtigheid)
    -LDR Lightsensitive resistor (Licht-sensor LDR)
    -NTC analog temp. (NTC)
    -DS2401 temp. (1-wire ID)
    -DS18b20 temp. (1-wire temp. sensor)
    -DS18b20 temp. probe 1m (1-wire temp. probe)
    I would like to add these (and more Soil moisture sensors if possible)

or would it be better to use a separate Arduino Mega as a sensor collection station,
and use two or more Ardujno Uno's to power, two pumps and as many Four-Way Valves as possible? (Elecrow DC12V Magneetventiel Vier Manier Klep Onafhankelijke Controle DIY Kit Inlaat en Vier Air Outlets Magneetventiel|valve union|valve adaptorvalve spares - AliExpress)

  1. the source code ( on the elecrow site does not send sensor data to the serial monitor via USB (Arduino IDE) ? is this still an option? or does this have to do with question 4?

  2. The Crowtail Smart Pump shield has a separate 12v going to the shield, which it says it powers the Arduino with to.. So no power would me needed. When i put in the USB and so an extra 5V does this interfere with anything?

All and any Help or Insight would truly be appreciated..
with kind regards,
theOracle (or theOracle1984

Welcome to the forum.

Have you looked at the bottom of the page you linked?
It has a link to an Instructible page that they have posted, showing how to use their kit.

Tom... :slight_smile:

hey Tom,

the Question wasnt really how should i connect the Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit but how do i make the same kit but bigger? :stuck_out_tongue: