automatic swing door operator (opener) with arduino, my first project

hello guys,
i have played a little with arduino before, so i understand basic concepts of arduino programming.

lets get to the point :

basically i want to create something like in this video:

Automatic Swing Door Opener

basically what i need is (please correct me if i'm wrong, newbie here :smiley: ) :

  1. something like a motor (or servo) that can be controlled with arduino
  2. some kind of "metal holder" that connects the motor to the door
  3. arduino board

my question is:

  1. how much torque and rpm i need for the motor/servo?
    (the weight of the door that i want to be opened is 15-20kg i think)
  2. any better ideas for the "metal holder" alternative?
  3. is something like this is possible?

thanks before..

  1. Lots. Lots and lots.
  2. More metal?
  3. Yes.

This requires a motor with a significant amount of power. You will need a motor control board to allow the Arduino to control that power. Something like Sparkfun Mega Motor Shield has enough power. But that particiular board is limited to 12-16v and then you need to consider how to get that amount of power at that voltage.

This looks a lot like a servo. There are tutorials online on how to use a big motor as a servo. Let us know what you find.

the motor moves a rack or screw, it does not move the shaft directly. high speed DC motor, lots of gears.
probably a spring close.

don't forget a clutch to allow emergency open and close.