Automatic toilet roll dispenser

An advancement on this could be to attatch a servo onto the loo roll and use a sensor / switch to decide when to dispense the roll.

Maybe have a keypad to enter how many sheets to output?

Sadly, my budget will not let me build this, but I posted this as an idea for anyone else interested.

Sorry, did I post this in the right place, or should I put it somewhere else?

I've had a few other ideas:

toilet roll replacer automatic shower (with a motion sensor and water valves) automatic sink (like they already have in some restaurants) automatic soap dispenser automatic shampoo dispenser

fan controller like this one: based on humidity from the shower

These are brilliant ideas! Time to automate my home... [smiley=cheesy.gif] [smiley=cheesy.gif] [smiley=cheesy.gif]