Automatic Windshield Wiper

Wanting to do a project that changes the speed of the windshield wipers depending on the amount of rainfall. I currently have a windshield wiper motor, Arduino Uno, and a contact raindrop sensor. Being totally new to Arduino, what do I need to do to get started? Any help would do, thanks.

You need to be able to detect different amounts of rain. A contact sensor is like a switch, either on or off.


Learning to control the speed of the motor would be a good place to start.

Does the program have to reverse the motor? (I don't know how windshield wiper motors operate.)

If the motor has to be reversed then you'll need a h-bridge.

Here's a link to an attempt I made at making a tutorial for a h-bridge.

Do you need to sense the position of the wiper?

I just need to automatically adjust the speed of the wiper to the amount of rainfall. Is it possible to use the contact sensor to alternate the speed of the motor based on the current it conducts from the rain?

The sensors are usually just a PCB of traces connected alternately so that any water that bridges the gap acts as a switch. You may be able to do an analogue read if the water R is high enough it may vary the V read in.


I just learned a few things about windshield wiper motor from watching this video. Apparently you want to make sure you don't reverse the polarity on your motors.

This video shows the output from a rain drop sensor changing as water is added (values can be seen changing starting about 3:22 into the video). I'm not sure how practical the sensor would be in real life since I'd imagine it wouldn't take much rain to saturate the sensor. It certainly seems like what you want to do is possible, I just have doubts a standard rain drop sensor will be enough to quantify rainfall.

I think a good starting point would be being able to control the motor speed with a potentiometer.

You probably want to make some sort of test program to quantify rainfall without the motor in circuit. Once you've figured out how to quantify rainfall you can add the motor control part of the code back in.

Excuse me, can you program a way to tell that my / install arduino, wiring diagrams and components required, for wiper as in this vidio Windshield Wiper Control System using Arduino - YouTube me confused, please help,thanks sir

You should look into the sensors that cars already use. They work from inside the glass.

Cars use an infrared emitter and receiver and measure the amount of light reflected (refracted?) by the raindrops. You have to look at the fluctuation in that reflectivity of course to make sure you’re not just looking at a dead bug or such.

Searching for “infrared rain sensor” will provide plenty of detail.