Automatically Opening a Browser


i am Currently Working on a Project where the i am using A WiFi Module is Working as a Access Point .

in this i want to do like whenever any device connects with the WIFI ,it should be automatically redirected to webbrowser to give authtntication Details.

Now I have Developed a Code ,which i have to open a webbrowser Manually and enter the details,which is Working Fine.

i want to do this automatically in a Way that whenever a Device connects with the WiFi ,it should automatically open a Webbrowser and open the Desired webpage for providing details.

The "automatically open a Webbrowser" part would need to be handled by something on the connecting device, not the Arduino. How that can be accomplished might depend on what OS is running on the connecting device.

The "open the Desired webpage" can be done on the Arduino. This is done by creating a captive portal. That will cause any URL opened in the browser to load your webpage. You might be interested in looking at the WiFiManager library, which provides this functionality and is specifically written for your application:

thanks for the you have mentioned the WiFiManager Library Files Are Specially for the ESP Devices it seems.

i am using an LINKIT7697 Device ,which does not Have Such Kind of the Library Files for the Easy Usage.

How can i Proceed Further.?

Ah, good point. I just assumed "WiFi Module" module meant a ESP device since those are so common in the Arduino world. So the WiFiManager library is out but I'd guess the general captive portal approach is still valid. Just do some research with those keywords and you'll see how it can be done.

Thanks For the Response again…

I have Searched a Few time,and I have Implemented Code For Scanning for the Networks and Getting the Username and Password Using a Webpage in AccessPoint mode and after Disconnect AP Mode then Connecting to that WIFI Network in Station Mode.

here After Connecting to that AP with a Device , i have to Manually open a Webbrowser and open the Host IP address For Providing the Details.

but this part has to be done like ,when a Device connects to AP,it should automatically open Webbrowser and open that Host Ip address For SSID and Password Configurations .

JavaScript does have a method to do that but to run JavaScript on a small unit, well that will be difficult.

Is there any Way that i can Do this Using the Arduino?