Automatically opening and closing scythe (cosplay weapon)

Hello all,

I am a complete and utter novice in the land of Arduino but I am really really wanting to create a fully automated scythe. I've had many ideas of how to do this but I'm worried about the feasibility.

I wanted to try to use linear actuators to open and close the scythe but I'm not sure if it could work. I would be so grateful if anyone has any ideas/suggestions.

Thanks again


To me, a scythe is a single, long, curved blade, no opening involved.

I am a complete and utter novice in the land of Arduino

But you want to start by working on some form of automatic cutting machine.

Watch out for your fingers. Better still get some experience before you start on this. Your fingers will thank you.

Get an Arduino and start with the simple projects provided with the software. Learn the programming language, the special features of the Arduino, how to blink an LED, how to read a voltage and then, work your way up to activating a motor.

With this information, controlling an actuator is easy. But if you don't start this way, expect endless frustration.

Thanks for all the helpful advice! It's actually a fake scythe (cosplay weapon) so no fingers will be damaged in the process... And based on the anime it is supposed to close in on itself. I wanted to try it for Comicon in 3 weeks but thanks again for all the suggestions

Do you have a mock up already of the thing, that you want to automate? If so post images and detailed description of how the mechanism works and we may be able to suggest ways on how to make that mechanism an electrically powered one. To actually automate it, you must also have some kind of trigger of course - any ideas on what that trigger should possibly be?