Automating an Aquarium Light with Home Assistant

Afternoon All, I'm new to NodeMcu, but I've dabbled with simple soldering and basic circuits in the past. I had a TC402 controller before that I made an aquarium light (video below) but I'd like to integrate it with HomeAssistant. My previous version lasted about three years, but some of the LED's were exposed to more water than intended (i.e. some!) I've ordered the replacement 40 Cree LED's (20 White - 12000k and 20000k, 5 Red, 5 Blue, 5 UV, 5 Yellow) as I've had problems with LED light strips that are on for 12-15 hours a day.

Ideally I'd like to build something like this:

I'm happy to build the automation flow in node-red, with HomeAssistant but would like features like the thunderstorm if possible, having each end of the tank illuminated independently would be a nice touch, splitting the white LED's into groups of five, but isn't essential. My previous lighting system looked like this:

I have flashed my nodemcu with tasmota, but am happy to reflash with anything I can integrate into Home Assitant. The power-supply I currently use for my TC-402 is 20v. but would be happy to change that if required. (obviously the nodemcu needs a 3.3v direct or 5v USB input)

Would anyone be able to help me with schematic and components please? Thank you.