Automating Gates/Garage Opening

So apparently I’m too lazy to push the button on the remote!.

We have two separate electronic gates and a garage, all controlled by a remote control with 4 buttons.

My idea is to have an Arduino which will close the circuits on these buttons in response to various events, eg Car approaching gate or Car approaching garage.

I’m unsure what I can use to identify vehicle. Maybe I don’t know how I should do it yet either. Perhaps an arduino with a GPS module could signal to open the gate when the car is approaching the zone that the gates are in, and close it when the car is leaving the zone. The Open/Close on a single button poses the problem that it might get out of sync.

I’d be interested to hear ideas - I will do some more thinking and come back to this thread later in the weekend.

I would consider active RFID (where the “tag” has a battery). This will give you the range you need. The receiver for these systems is generally RS232 so it easy to interface to the Arduino. Active tags are used for toll booths. Perhaps a 433MHz tag?

I don’t know how much a 915MHz tag reader costs (eBay has a used one for $20) but there is a cheap source of active RFID transponders. The FasTrak transponders (for tolls here in the SF Bay area) can be purchased for about $25. There is no authentication, which means you could easily repurpose it…you can even change the ID number…and is why you probably shouldn’t actually use it for paying tolls.

Perfect! I forgot all about active RFID. Perfect.

I will start researching this now!