Automating small brewery

I'm automating a small brewery for test batches without a lot of hassle and spot on repeatability.

My primary question is what is the go to pH probe and setup?

I'm going to run out of pins when I start combining all the sub systems aren't I?

Lastly any general advice or input would be very helpful and appreciated.

My primary question is what is the go to pH probe and setup?

Can you rephrase that question(s)?

I'll rephrase the question first. I'm using the arduino to automate a brewery and am trying to winnow the plethora of options that abound and am seeking advice. Is there a particular pH probe and setup that is resoundingly popular in the arduino community.

When I scanned the topic headings interfacing seemed to be the proper place to ask about sensors in relation to the use with arduino's.

I wasn't asking a food production question, I'm very up on that aspect. I've already jfgi'd the topic, this forum showing up several times. Barry Schwartz did an excellent T.E.D. talk outlining the problem I face after doing so.

I am aware I need a pH probe that has good enough interface information for me to rig it up to the Arduino directly and that there are thousands of them out there, telling me this did not help. Information about specific implementations of or examples of this kind of project would be.

Thank you retrolefty for the suggestion of rephrasing the question, I hope I have been clearer with my intentions. Richard Crowley, it feels like you are talking down to me and it is not appreciated.

I'm actually not the first brewer to do this with an arduino board, maybe 4th.
I didn't search the arduino forums for brewery projects, I'm pretty sure I know everyone that's done it and none of them incorporated a pH sensor. While pH is vital in certain steps of brewing a sensor measuring it live is a luxury.

I searched the forums for pH projects and found several solutions. The most common solutions I found involved op amps which I assume you're stepping the responses from the probe up to detectable, usable levels. Some guy made a phudino which I'm not sure I want to replicate and I don't have a great reason why.

This, pH/ORP Adapter - 1130_0B at Phidgets, seems the most promising but this with a probe seems kind of pricey when you add a $40 probe.

I'd rather get a smart probe I can hook directly up to the arduino so was looking for suggestions on probes that are easily interfacable with the arduino.

Thank you for posting with me and apologizing for something you probably didn't really think was your fault, it has endeared me.

You have seen Brewtroller, right?

pwillard, yes I have. It's very impressive but I'd have to do a lot of modifications to do everything I want. I'd rather start from scratch and include all the elements I want while excluding what I don't need. I do use it as a reference point. My project is more akin to Google. Thank you though.