Automating using a soil probe

Hi! Im very new to Arduino and am building a rover for a class. I am looking to add a function to my rover that lowers a soil probe to the ground but i'm unsure what the best way to do this is.

I was thinking perhaps a small conveyor belt attached vertically to the back of the rover, or some sort of pulley system, but i know absolutely nothing about motors!
Am open to all suggestions, or any recommendations anyone has!
Thank you :))

A small linear actuator could be used to raise and lower a soil probe, and using Arduino they are simple to control with a small motor drive module. Actuators are capable of exerting quite a bit of force, as in opening windows, so choose carefully.

Representative selection (not necessarily the cheapest) Linear Actuators | FIRGELLI | 12v & 24v Electric Linear Actuators

Thanks for the reply! I'll look into that :))

If you are probing for soil chemistry, you need to add water. If you are just probing for moisture, you need to know the distance the probe goes into the ground and a linear actuator will help with that.

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