Please community,


I need your help in implementing this seen in the video found in the link above. I'm a student in my finals and my project involves some knowledge of IOT automation using Arduino.

I will be implementing a smart load shedding system that can be employed in the electrical distribution sector, it involves the remote switching and automation of feeders on the network. The circuit consists of three bulbs representing the feeders, timed at different intervals to come on and off (the time will be set in the program),also room will be made in which a user can switch the bulbs on and off from the internet overwriting the timer.

Please i would need your help in the following ways; components i will need in implementing this, Source code for the Arduino, and writing the website for control.

I have read much on this but the much is obsolete because I still can't implement this, but it still enabled me to know that i will need this;

Use of ESP 8266 rather than the SIM GPRS, reason being i want internet source to come from a WIFI hotspot, I will need to create a server and find a company that host them to host mine, My Arduino circuit is the client which communicates with the server

Please, each bulb is to have a set time when it is in the ON state, after that set time it goes off and remains so for some time (the OFF state is to have a specific time also, after which the bulb comes on).

and also I want to Introduce electrical meters that monitors the power consumption of each bulbs separately, and the value shown real time on the website, together with the sum of each loads. The reason is that some of the bulbs will be replaced with a socket in which multiple loads are connected to.

Introduction of circuits breakers to protect the different bulbs point in case of over-current.

Please community, I have sketched out a schematic diagram for this and i would love to show it to you to get your inputs.

I would be grateful if you would help me with this my final year school project.

You indicate you have a schematic. Please post it.

As far as writing code, I doubt anyone here will do your school work for you. But what we will do is help you with specific questions about hardware as well as help with code.

Now, you could hire someone in the gigs section, however I doubt this will help you later in life.

... and it raises the usual question: what is the budget?

@OP - did you know you can post links in the forum - like this...

It may be a good time to read the How to Post guides, because you have a lot more for us to see.

samuelgodson55: Please i would need your help in the following ways; components i will need in implementing this, Source code for the Arduino, and writing the website for control.

If you need help with every part of the project it means that you have chosen something that is much too complicated for your present state of knowledge.

Choose a project for which you can get 95% working and then seek some advice about how to deal with the final 5%.


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Please read the first post in any forum entitled how to use this forum.,148850.0.html . Then look down to item #7 about how to post your code. It will be formatted in a scrolling window that makes it easier to read.

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?

Thanks.. Tom.. :)