Automation Platform for Hydroponics (and everything else)

The Hydroponic Automation Platform Initiative (HAPI) has developed a basic automation platform for controlling arduinos as Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). Our focus has been on automating hydroponic and aquaponic installations but the platform is scalable and applicable to many other areas. The basic structure is a master controller in the form of a Pi (or any other computer) that can send commands to RTUs to turn on/off pins, set pwm values and get values from pins and custom functions. There is also some functionality to remotely re-image the arduinos using command-line tools on the Pi and we're looking at the Ariadne bootloader to go totally sans USB.

A Beta version of the code has been released. The basic structure is there and we'd love to share it now and see how the community can beat it up and make it better. The project website is: The code repository is at: And please leave us a like on Facebook,

Thanks, Tyler Reed Founder - HAPI tyler [at]