Automation using Aurduino, LCD touch screen and IR emitters.

Hey guys, just have a scenario to run past you.

Is it possible with Arduino off the shelf parts plus any custom made parts that could do the following. I want to run a system including a touch lcd panel ( as a control panel) to control devices such as dvd players, ps3, tv etc by Infra Red emitters.

Also the possibility to control devices by rs 232. I know there will be a lot of work involved to program the system and to learn how to run it. But if it is possible I am more than willing to put in the graft.I dont expect people to tell me exactly how to do it but I would like to know if it is possible before I start the long road of figuring it out.

Im an electrician by trade, and i've been working as an AV installer for over a year fitting such commercial automation systems such as AMX and Crestron. I would like to offer clients something different that is open sourced and more flexible. My email is if you would rather contact me this way.

4D Systems is the only maker of screens that would be feasible for a project like this. Their screens are interfaced with a serial protocol and have the necessary feature that they can pull images directly from a SD memory card instead of forcing you to draw them with the Arduino (which is slow and the Arduino doesn't have the memory for anyway).

The Arduino's serial interface is at TTL levels (0-5V). You need a MAX232 chip to convert that to RS232 levels but that's pretty straightforward.