Automation with Arduino (HMI, Temperature, I/O)

Hello all, I hope I am not asking dumb things I should know. I am an automation engineer with experience with robots, PLCs, all types of sensors, programming languages but everything I ever played with was super expensive industrial grade automation. Now I would like to complete a DIY project with a friend and was wondering if it would be possible with an Arduino.

So is Arduino capable of:

  1. Reading temperature with external temperature sensor (0-150°C)
  2. Setting, Reading analog outputs inputs
  3. Possible to use a PC as a HMI (Supported programming languages would be welcome or if something exists that makes ones life simpler)
  4. Can you connect a pressure sensor
  5. Advanced: Can you connect an oxygen probe And where are can I find the best sources for information’s I need.

Thank you…

There are a number of temp (or temp/humidity) sensors available. Part of the answer depends on how far the sensors are from the Arduino - are we talking something within a couple of feet or in another building or ? You can connect a pressure sensor but you need to specify what range - are you talking atmospheric pressure, water pressure or ?? If the sensor has an analog output, it can be read by the Aruduino although, you may need some signal conditioning depending on voltages involved. There are probably oxygen probes out there but I have not seen them (although I was not looking for them either). Couple of places to look for things - check out what Sparkfun and Adafruit have to offer for interesting things and check out the “Sensors” subforum under the Arduino main forum Sensors

As for the HMI, the arduino with ethernet sheild, or an ESP8266 wifiboard can host a web page that can display all the data collected and the output status. For this type of thing the only thing you need the PC for is the screen and a web connection really. No other languages (other than the arduino C+ sketch) is required. If you want to go global you can hit the web page with your phone.

For other things like data logging and emails etc we find that having a web server with a PHP script on it (that the arduino would hit to exchange data) opens up huge possibilities. Then you can get emails when thresholds are reached, you can data mine a data base that is constantly being updated, and you can combine the reporting of many many devices out there in the world. The PHP language requirement is very minimal.

You can also have arduinos talk among themselves using the built in I2C or SPI interfaces and swap data or command each other to do things.

Oxygen probes (and assorted other gasses) - definitely.,, - even Ebay!