Automotive Automation, Control and Communication

I’ve done some small Arduino projects; I’m fluent in MS Office formulas which seem to be very similar in language to C++; my day job is industrial mechanic for a global food production company; I’ve been turning wrenches and taking things apart since I was 4 and learned to hold a screwdriver.

Due to the shear size of the project I’ll be starting with (1) Mega2560 board and will add on as needed. I’ll be using various OTC Shields to automate many of the 12V Accessories and Functions. All ideas are more than welcome and reasonable suggestions more than valued.

Project Scope:
Total reasonable integration of a Arduino controller or controller network into a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville SSE. Why? It’s a hobby I enjoy. I love my job and I love creating something from nothing. The car is a spare with 50k on the engine, everything works, and it has power everything. And there’s virtually zero aftermarket upgrades for the 95 - older Bonneville. Also, this car is ODB 1.5 not 2 so using Android apps like Torqe with a ODB2 Bluetooth module isn’t an option, plus I have much grander plans.

I’ll list my current ideas in the order they’re currently planned for integration. I welcome all guidance but please reference which project part you’re advising on.

Tail Lights: One Off self built 6 lens/6 Halo bullet style demon eye taillights, 3 per side. Bulbs will be dual color Red/Amber 1157 LEDs for brake/turn, Red T10 Running, and Amber halos for each of the 6. Program will sequence from center out when brake is applied, sequential red to amber turn signals with the outer amber Halo chaseing the lens change. Brake off sequential from out to in, hazard will run sequential out to in with chasing halos. I’ll be using 64mm 45° aspheric glass lenses with custom self built shrouds and assemblies.

Convert to projection style LED. Exact configuration is undecided but leaning toward 3 1.5" projectors per side with white/amber dual color LEDs programmed for white to yellow sequential turn signals. Still open to design and programming suggestions.

Interior Lighting:
Approx 5m of RGB LEDs mounted under dash, front/rear seats, door pockets. Program for dim green while driving, white when courtesy lights on, flashing red with hazard.

Electronic Controls:
Wire in the following: Door Locks, Sunroof, Driver Seat Adjustment, lighting controls, radio and amplifier power, wipers, washer fluid, other possible accessories: game system power, rear seat monitors. Possible hardware and Shields: voice command to control, luminosity sensor, moisture detector, thermometer, timers, etc.
Example: if it starts raining and the roof or windows are open I’d like the car to close everything up automatically. Too hot, crack the windows if it’s not raining. Auto lights when dark. Voice command as much as possible. Speak “Turn Left” and signal turns on.

Engine Bay & Dash:
I’d like to create a custom LCD dash/gauge assembly similar to the old Cadillac Alanté, I need to Arduino to interface with the stock gm sensors and use a GPS shield for speed. Other Shields: G sensor, thermometer, SIM card, WiFi, etc.
I can custom fit the display into the dashboard for the gauges/info but I’m curious about my options, sizes, resolutions, etc. I’m assuming the Arduino can compile the incoming info and create an accurate displayed output. Maybe multiple displays and controllers??? If it has a sensor I want to see the info, and if there’s no sensor I’ll at one of it’s needed.

In closing:
I know this is a long post so thank you if you’ve gotten this far. I also realize this is an ambitious project, we’ll go big or go home. I positive I’ll need multiple controllers, just the tail lights alone will use a minimum of 30 pins.

I know the programming basics but if there are any commands that could make any part of the project easier to write the program for, I’m all ears. If anyone has a suggested add, I’m all ears. Please just keep in mind that my primary mission is step 1 vehicle lighting, tail lights specifically. I’ll attach a picture of the general shape of lenses as well as what demon eye lights are.