Automotive PDIP 328 Available?

I'm looking for an AVR chip which is available in PDIP or surface mount which is solderable by hand. I'm currently considering an attiny44 (ATTINY44V-15SST), but something like an attiny84 or even a 328 would be preferred. I've not found packages I like for the attiny84 or 238. Again, this is in the automotive classification, specifically because I require the heat range allowances. Is there a step up in flash size and friendly package for something that comparable to the automotive attiny44 which I've overlooked?

Please make suggestions.


You can get surface mount Atmega328 chips with automotive specs. Have a look for ATMEGA328P-15AZ.


Do you need them in a particular form factor? I have some -AZ chips and offer boards that will make a small system on a chip kind of assembly. The crystal and some other Rs & Cs are on the back.

Doesn’t look like anything is available that isn’t surface mount, as far as I can see…

SOIC actually really isn’t bad to solder by hand. Look up “drag soldering”.

328 is technically TQFP vs SOIC, but same suggestion applies. Solder down 1 or 2 corners for stability, then the rest. I have a stencil and apply solder paste and then use a reflow oven. Never get any shorts.

Thanks guys. I'll check them out.